Metal and Façade Construction

Our machinery allows us to produce virtually any shape and style of metal sheet according to individual requirements. Best quality and precise implementation of the customer`s specification is our top priority. With our cuttings, edge components, curved sheets, ventilated façades or special constructions we supply various industries: building industry, mechanical engineering, building equipment, enclosure construction and more.  

We process sheets of

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Brass




With our professional TRUMPF punching machine we process metal sheets without repositioning in order to guarantee our customers the best possible quality. Cut-outs, forms and threads are producible without any problems.



With our AMADA hydraulic shear we cut metal sheets up to 6.000 mm length in top quality. The CNC control ensures precise accuracy.


With our AMADA HFE press brake we are able to produce precise edge components and parts up to 6.000 mm length.


Circular shapes fullfil special esthetic requirements. We offer you accuratly bent and curved metal profiles with a material thickness up to 3 mm. 


We use WIG and MAG welding technology and are very experienced in stud Welding.

Taping, riveting and screwing is part of our everyday business as well.

Surface finish

You choose between

  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing
  • Anti-drumming Coating
Special aluminium component with drillings, powder coated
Aluminium sheets with bendings
Curved aluminium sheet with bending and cut-outs


Panel assembly

Mineral fiber and other core material is cut to the exact thinkness, that correspond to the customer`s demand.

Our single-component bonding system provides a fast production process.

Due to our highly qualified and all-round metal working pepartment we are able to produce shapes and types of panels, which do not comply to any standard.


Special construction of a façade element
Oversize façade panel durring assembly: core material mineral fiber, edging and connecting bars of polystyrene for stability
Curved panel, cover sheets of powder coated aluminium and toughened safty glass


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